The Process Is Easy. 

The Results Are Stunning.

  • Set up an appointment with me and the homeowner.
  • Let us know the address and square footage of the house.
  • Double check with the client that they are ready for a photo-session – see the downloadable: Make the Most of Your Real Estate Session. 
  • Sessions will take 1 – 2 hours based on the size of the house and how prepared for photography the home is. Gugel Photography may adjust a few things in the home to create a great image (with permission) but will not clean the house.
  • My goal is to work in a manner not to disturb the homeowner, if home – We photograph the main floor and then upper floor, finishing the inside with the basement – exteriors are done before or after the interiors – depending on the Michigan weather.
  • Payment is due at session time until a client relationship is formed.

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